Virgo is known as the healer, administrator, and perfectionist of the zodiac. Everything must have its T’s crossed and dotted I’s because detail is important. Tangible things must be dissected and understood so that they can be easily labeled and put into practical use. Virgo is a mutable, earth sign so knowledge of tangible things allows the Virgoian to live a life that is intellectually purpose-driven and less chaotic than their polarity, Pisces. They desire to bring perfection to their life because they see beauty in order and desire to be of service to those who are in need of their keen eye. The Virgo personality also tends to be more health-conscious compared to other signs because their physical sensitivity requires them to be fully aware of what goes on and in their body.

Glyph Virgo.png
The symbol of Virgo represents a Virgin, meaning whole unto itself and not needing to extract anything from anyone. In the glyph, there is a straight line connected to two curved lines, one of which is crossed. This represents wisdom that is connected to emotion and feeling, and crossed by practicality.

Because Virgo is a triple sign, like Scorpio, it emphasizes the human experience.  Virgo’s reality is about lifting the veil and making sense of what is hidden so that it is easily accessible when needed.

In traditional- Mercury
In Esoteric- Moon

Navy blue and gray.

Pearl, to enhance the influence of the Moon and initiate you to your spiritual path.

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Original Ruler House
6th House rules your sense of duty, responsibility, employees, and more…

Virgo Ascendant
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Sun in Virgo
Born: August 22- September 22
If you have your Sun in Virgo, you have a personality that desires to create perfection through all that you do. You are ambitious and can be a little restless even if you are sitting still because you believe there is always something to do and accomplish. Others may see you as the go-to person who can help them correct their shortcomings, or the person to stay away from because they know that you will tell them how you see it, even if emotions may get ruffled. However, you don’t do this to hurt their feelings, you do this because you care for them deeply and want to experience their best expression with them.

Moon in Virgo
If you have Moon in Virgo, your emotions tend to be overly rationalized because you desire not to be overpowered by them. For you to feel emotionally secure, you need an outlet that allows you to express your keen eye for perfection.

In esoteric astrology, if your moon is placed in Virgo, it is known as the placement where your soul is hidden. Meaning, your recurring emotional struggles are the shadow of Virgo. Moon in Virgo struggles with being overly self-critical, inaccuracy, extremes between being a perfectionist and carelessness, moodiness, worry, and self-centeredness.

Whatever happened in the past may have triggered these qualities, and they are now in your subconscious memory. When under stress, the Shadow of Virgo emerges and takes over your emotional body and mental process, therefore, creating havoc in the physical reality. But know that you can overcome this by being mindful of what is going on with you emotionally instead of instantly reacting to a situation out of instinct. Take the moment to stop, feel, and reflect.

You have the ability to jump over these emotional hurdles, that’s why you have Moon in Virgo!

Emerald Hearth (4)

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