The personality of Gemini is very intelligent and could be seen as a walking computer. Gemini is constantly gathering information from different walks of life and making it readily available to all that are seeking or happen to fumble across. The Gemini personality is constantly on the search for more knowledge for knowledge sake because of either the fear of not knowing enough or just pure curiosity. They tend to be into the latest found technology and desires to know the ins and outs of it.

The downfall of Gemini, like the Aries personality, is a starter with all the enthusiasm anyone could ever need or wish for but have difficulty finishing their projects to completion. In consequence, the information that is shared could come off as matter-of-fact and superficial if they are not mindful of their patterns. In this case, It would be best if the Gemini personality had an earth sign in other parts of their horoscope or partner(s) to help them keep moving forward to completion.

The glyph of Gemini is the twins  Gemini
The twins represent the two sides or perspectives of Gemini. Ever heard of the stereotype of Gemini being bi-polar? Well, that stems from the Gemini’s ability to see both sides of the story and the masculine and feminine energies that permeate and must be integrated. This is a gift for the Gemini because not only do they have a natural ability to meet the other where they are mentally but can potentially help them see and understand beyond their own ideas.

In Traditional astrology, Mercury
In Esoteric astrology, Venus

Green, Yellow, and Orange

Pearl, Agate, Emerald

Coming soon…

Original Ruler House
House 3 rules communication style, primary education, determination, siblings, and neighbors.  Want to know more? Click here.

Gemini Ascendent
Coming soon…

Sun in Gemini
Born: May 21- June 21
If you have the Sun in Gemini, you are like me! You have a personality that is constantly hungry for more information to improve your life quality and share it to all who can benefit. You tend to identify with your ever changing thoughts, and have trouble pinpointing what you actually believe (if you haven’t started on the path of owning your own truth, instead of others). You enjoy being the life of the party, exchanging ideas, and being with others that are mentally stimulating. You also enjoy learning new skills that involve your mind and hands and multitasking.

Moon in Gemini
If you have Moon in Gemini, your thought patterns tend to be restless and is often working toward rationalizing the world around you despite your emotions.  To feel emotionally secure, you require an environment that is mentally stimulating and allows communication of thoughts and ideas.

In esoteric astrology, your moon sign is known as where your soul is held, therefore, your main struggle in life is the shadow of Gemini. Moon in Gemini tends to suffer from restlessness, cold-mindedness, contradicting ideas (because of the ability to understand both sides of the story), abandonment of emotions, chattiness, and superficiality with information.

Whatever had happened to you in the past may have triggered these qualities and are now in your subconscious memory. When under stress, the shadow of Gemini tend to manifest and leave a disturb feeling or discomfort in the body. It must be accepted and transformed so that you can express higher qualities that are latent within you. Once you are able to work with and surpass these hurdles, you can live a more purposeful life. Don’t let this energy hold you back, you can develop and move beyond this. That’s why you have the mind that you do!

So use your intelligence and learn to accept and merge with your emotions!

Do you have any Gemini placements? Find out here

***Based on if there are any conjunctions or aspects, the Rising, Sun, or Moon can be altered. ***

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