Mercury Goes Direct!!

On May 3, 2017, Mercury will finally go direct 24 degrees in Aries at 12:29 pm. Can I get a yay?!  I hope you were able to self-reflect and analyze your next best step during the past three weeks because now it is time to take action with a sense of leadership and authority!

What does it mean when Mercury goes direct in Aries? 
Mercury moving direct in the sign of Aries gives your intellect the energy that it needs to propel forward and accomplish what you have contemplated on tackling while Mercury was in retrograde. Since Mercury is just starting to come out of retrograde, you can think of it coming out of a slumber so it’ll take some time to pick up speed, and yes, this means communication, scheduling important meetings, purchasing things, signing contracts, working with technology and it working with you, instead of against you (ha ha) is impacted by this pace, although, it is now feasible to do these activities without it backlashing since it is turning direct.

Your intellect (Mercury) will start to show full results and be in full action by May 20th. On that day, Mercury will be 4 degrees in Taurus, so mark your calendars! During that time, you will gain clarity from all the reflection you have done during retrograde and now able to apply all that you’ve learned to your current situation.

So good luck and Happy Mercury Direct!


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