Bring it Home: Reflections of April

Wow! I came a long way during this month and I am not sure where to begin on my reflection. I suppose it will be good to start with my experience of keeping track of the Moon transits since the Moon is the epiphany of reflection. Ha!

I was able to see how in sync I am with the moon, especially since my natal Mercury is in Cancer. For example, when the Moon was transiting in Scorpio, I felt like I was submerged into the depths of my emotions and mostly thought about how to process them and transform them. When the Moon was in Gemini, I often thought about how can I connect with others and exchange information.

Keeping track of the Moon was a very enlightening experience because not only did I learn more about myself, but I learned how to be okay with my wavering day to day thought patterns and know that I am truly connected to my environment, including the unseen patterns of the cosmos. If your leading element is water or if you have a lot of planets in Cancer or a strong Moon in your chart, you are sensitive to the cycles of the moon and I highly recommend to consciously be aware of what sign the Moon is in and if it is waxing or waning.

Here’s a link to a birth chart calculator:

Working with the Goddesses sarah-mak-54250.jpg
Lately, I’ve been working with Goddess Freya and Orisha Oya and it has been interesting. I have found what I’ve been pursuing and what’s been coming to the forefront of my reality is the energy that they represent. It was pretty trippy to find the connections between the two, but as the month went by I started to understand that it all makes sense because I am them and they are me. (Thanks, natal Pluto conjunct Moon and Pluto Square Ascendent!) I also learned that if you ask for help, no matter who or what you believe in, you will be assisted. Very comforting, huh? It is for me.

So now that I shared a little bit of what I’ve been going through this past month, I would like to share where I am headed.

What’s to comeblake-richard-verdoorn-15549.jpg
I plan on to continue with Moon transits, but focus solely on the major ones such as the special moons, full moon, new moon and other planetary transits. I will also include their aspects so we can understand how we may be impacted during the major transits.

This is going to be a fascinating ride for me and I am ready to see what’s to come!

What about the Soil?
I am currently focusing on biodynamics and trying to wrap my head around it. So far I understand that biodynamics focuses on energetics and how the planetary influences impact terrestrial life on earth. Eventually, I will be including that information on Emerald Hearth but I want to get a good grip on the information first.

I will also continue to go into depth with the different microbes in the soil and how they impact soil health and how to protect them so look out for that!


I am moving slowly because I want to make sure that the information that I share is useful and can be understood to all who are seeking. So bear with me. 😉

Thanks for reading! If you have any question please comment below or email me at and let’s talk! 😀


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