Moon Transit in Aries

Get ready to receive new ideas after letting go of the old.  Moon transiting in the sign of Aries means it is time to be open to all that is about to come forth. Aries is the sign of unique ideas and energy that is SUPER straight-forward. Moon waning in this sign is getting you prepared to receive new ideas that will place you in the right direction toward your goals.

Moon is asking you to make room by letting go of useless ideologies through meditation and stillness. Aries, being a cardinal sign, signifies that the thought forms are about how to create a more fulfilling life through community, fresh ways to approach situations, and how to inspire and help others around you.

While the moon is in thus sign, it is best to reflect and harness this fiery energy so that it can help you purify your mind so that you can easily help yourself and others. Also, anticipate your actions!!!

If you are becoming impatient with taking action with the first idea that comes to mind, without diligently thinking it through, you may be wrestling with the shadow of Aries.

Shadow of Aries
The shadow of Aries may leave you feeling cold, prideful, hoping from one idea to the next, and narrow-mindedness. You may also suffer from others not receiving your ideas the way you expected them to and may come off as too domineering, selfish, and or brash.

Allow this energy to help you purify your thoughts so that the new can come in and help you understand your path within your community. It’s okay to not act on every idea that comes to you, let your ideas form themselves after some time of molding in your mind.
And if you must have some kind of energy release, look towards doing some kind of physical activity.

Good luck and blessings to you!


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