Moon Transit in Pisces

Pisces is the sign of the meditation, secrets, confinement, and past life issues.

Moon in this sign is subconsciously allows past life issues and secrets that are stored in your body to come up and manifest in your thoughts. This can be hard to work with and can lead you feeling alone and confined in your own mind, however, these thoughts are resurfacing so that they can be liberated from your body’s memory.

The best way to handle past life issues is to meditate and follow the thought forms to see what is trying to be expressed. There may be a lesson that is waiting to be learned if you are able to follow it to its core. Meditation will help your body settle and become calm so the energy of Pisces can do what it does best, to liberate what is confined and to help you feel unconditional love because you are connected to everything.

Also, it’s okay to not understand what is going on with you in a rational sense, Pisces, in traditional astrology, is ruled by the planet Neptune. Neptune represents irrationality because its energy is based on spirituality, which is very elusive. If you want to make the most out of this time, you must go through the rabbit hole. In esoteric astrology, Pisces is ruled by the planet, Pluto. The energy of Pluto will help you penetrate to the core of your past life issues and break it down into segments so that you can make peace with every aspect and feel new and powerful.

However, like I have mentioned before, the energy of Pisces is not very easy to work with and if you find yourself in self-pity or stuck in fantasy, you are among the shadow of Pisces.

Shadow of Pisces
The shadow of Pisces will have you feeling indifferent, cold, fearful, angry, deceptive, and fanatical. The pain that your past life has brought to you is hard to battle with because you are not supposed to battle them. You can not ignore them by running away into fantasy, drinking, taking drugs, or sticking to your own stubbornness. You are meant to accept your past as they are and trust that you can overcome this pain.

Maybe connect with a loved one and have them be a soundboard for you so that you can hear yourself and process what you are going through. Take a walk in nature and speak out loud and come clean to what you’ve been through and who you are now today.

It’s okay to feel lost in your feelings because you will eventually find what you didn’t even know what you were looking for.

So find peace in yourself and be connected to love.

Blessing to you,


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