Moon Transit in Aquarius

The energy of innovation will be prevailing in the winds while the Moon is transiting in the sign of Aquarius. When the Moon was in Capricorn, it was a great time to let go of decrepit thought patterns that were inhibiting you from building toward your long-term goals with ease. Now that it passed, you now have the support from the energy of Aquarius to soar ahead with lightening speed bringing in different information from different areas, synthesizing them, and make newfound inspiration.

Aquarius is a very eccentric sign that brings in information suddenly from out of the ordinary. It is ruled by the planet Uranus in modern astrology and Jupiter in esoteric astrology. Uranus is the planet of rebellion and originality while Jupiter is a planet of expansion and higher intelligence. Putting these two energies together makes Aquarius and during this time, assist you by bringing in well-informed innovation to the foundation of your life. However, this is only the case if you have been working with your ideas diligently. These forces don’t work or act for you, only with you.

The Moon in the sign of Aquarius subconsciously assists you by helping you reflect upon the information that you had gathered, decipher what is useful, and understand how they can be connected.

The Aquarius energy is not bringing forth new ideas and information to you just for the sake of having it, it is there for you to consider for your long-term action plan that will benefit you and your community. Aquarius moves with purpose and is propelling you to do so as well.

Working with this energy may not be simple if you are resisting it. The information could burst in suddenly and disorganize all that you may have been working on. If this sounds like what you are going through, you may be battling with the shadow of Aquarius.

Shadow of Aquarius
Battling with the shadow of Aquarius can leave you feeling cold, unsympathetic, narrow-minded, prideful, and harshly critical. Aquarius being a fixed sign can have you hold on to your ideals and not adjust to suggestions that may be helpful towards your goals. You may also be overly critical of newfound information instead of being open and questioning it with an honest desire to learn something new.

This energy can be tricky, but it can be understood by accepting where you are with your thoughts, giving yourself love, warmth, and being authentic. Know that it’s okay to accept help from your friends or family (if the situation calls for it) and to have an open dialogue.

You don’t have to feel like you are alone.

Also, don’t be afraid to let go and explore the regenerative winds of Aquarius. It is a blessing from above to see how your ideas can connect and eventually produce new life.

So move purposely, have fun, and celebrate your uniqueness!

Blessings and Gratitude,


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