Moon Transit in Capricorn

Capricorn is the architect of the zodiac signs and symbolizes structure, practicality, being an authority, working with concrete ideas, perseverance, and climbing the ladder to reach goals. The moon symbolizes your cyclical thoughts and how you feel.

The Moon in this sign helps you reflect upon what mental constructs you have and what to do with them.

The Moon in this sign grants you the opportunity to reflect upon your foundation. You may be wondering if you are pleased with what you’ve built so far.

If you are doing great with working towards your long-term goals, good job! If not, it’s time to deconstruct and go back to the drawing boards! Learn mindfulness meditation to help you explore your emotions and thought patterns. Once you’ve figured out what must be thrown in the trash bin, replace it with a new plan. ( You have to create new habits to replace the old.)

At times you may have trouble letting go of old habits that are no longer helpful because of a sense of losing security, but know that you are doing this so that you can move forward with better footing and to actualize what you REALLY want.

If you are struggling during this time, you may have issues with the dark side of Capricorn.

Shadow of Capricorn
Working with the shadow of Capricorn is tough. You may be experiencing narrow-mindedness, coldness, arrogance, cruelty, mental pride, and criticalness because your foundation is now being challenged.

Be easy on yourself and take the time to see why you are protective over old thought patterns or routine. The energy of Capricorn is expressing the need for you to learn how to be of service to yourself so that you can be respected for the hard work that you’ve done. However, it won’t come to pass if you are holding on to old constructs that are no longer helpful towards your long-term goals.

Be mindful, be happy, work on your goals daily!



7 thoughts on “Moon Transit in Capricorn

    1. Since your natal Moon is in Capricorn, this would be considered as your “lunar return.”

      From personal experience, I have found when my lunar returns I have revelations of my internal struggles and forced to do the dirty work or feel crappy the whole two and half days.

      In esoteric astrology, the placement of your moon shows where your soul is held, meaning, you may struggle with the shadow of Capricorn regularly.

      With all that being said, the Moon in Capricorn would make you reflect on your foundation and help you loosen up on what is not needed.

      Also, what house your Moon is in affects how this energy is working with you.
      Do you know what house your natal Moon is in?


      1. Nice! You may had checkout my article on what the first house mean (if not take a look! ), but since you have Moon in the first house in Capricorn, this transit will help you review your life path’s foundation. Make sure you make some time for yourself to make sure you are doing exactly what you are wanting to do and also being practical with your plans!! Your emotions and Capricorn instincts are your ruling force in this life.

        Hope that helped!

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