Moon Transit in Sagittarius

The Moon transiting in the sign of Sagittarius will give you the opportunity to see how far you can go with your ideas or desires and understand something that is foreign to you.

Sagittarius is the sign of optimism, higher knowledge, goals, long journeys,  independence, a revelation of Wisdom and Truth, freedom, philosophy, and beliefs. Now that the Moon is waning, it’s a time to let go of useless belief systems, ideas, and goals that you may have.

Moon during this time may ask you what has been restraining you from moving forward towards a sense of freedom? Can you let go of codependent relationships or ideas and become independent and wise?

Imagine what would it be like if you were free from your old belief systems that restrict you from expressing your True, compassionate self. Imagine what the horizon would unfold if you finally let go and moved towards the horizon. Imagine.

Imagination is a great tool to create reality. It could be used to move you towards your ideal self or far away from it. You see, you can expand your horizon either way. It all depends on how mindful you are of your thoughts.

Shadow of Sagittarius
The element of Sagittarius is fire. Fire can be seen as the flame of passion and it can be used to purify the road toward your goals or protect dogmatic beliefs. If the shadow of Sagittarius takes over, you can become tactless, impatient, inconsistent and superficial with your thoughts, communication, or the pursuit of ideas.

You have access to information right at your fingertips if you take the time to research, so be mindful of yourself and don’t take the information for granted. Also, try not to get caught up in thinking you know everything or take in information without thoughtfulness.

Just as a wise woman that I follow said, “Read Widely, Read Wisely, Read Well.”

Listen to a podcast, read a book, or a have a conversation with a person that is wise in the field of your interest. Ask thoughtful questions and you will get a thoughtful answer.

And remember you are the only person that can set yourself free!!


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