Moon Transit in Scorpio

Moon transiting in the sign Scorpio will pull you down into the underworld, where Pluto or Hades prevail. Not trying to scare you or anything, just being honest. I am familiar with this energy since this is my natal Moon. So, what does this mean to have Moon, the planet of instinct, emotions, and nurturance in the sign of secretive Scorpio? This energy that is ruled by Pluto and Mars is allowing the veil that separates the conscious world and subconscious world to be very thin or the veil that separates life and death to be very thin. You may experience some paranormal activity, power struggles, and or emotional intensity in your waking life or dreams, and these experiences are obviously not so nurturing like the Moon in Cancer is. The Moon in Scorpio is considered to be in its “fallen sign,” but I like to think differently of this. Moon in this sign gives you an intense reason to live and practice the art of life/death/life. Which is very special in its own way. However, the way that you may experience the “other side” depends on how open and sensitive you are to it and how prepared you are.

The Moon in Scorpio asks what are you most afraid of? Why do you feel so intensely? What can you let die so that life can be brought forward?

During this time, you will be brought to your greatest psychological depths, to the source of your being and all that you try to ignore will be waiting for you there. They are not there to scare you, that is not their intention. The things that you avoid are waiting for you there so that you can transform them. Perform alchemy. Taking their elements, letting parts of themselves that are no longer needed die so that they can give you more power and drive. However, what you avoid is not by accident, it’s the stuff that scares you and makes you feel uncomfortable and powerless because it was such an intense experience. It can be the traumatic experience that involved your family, lovers or ex-lovers, sexuality, business partner, financial situations, betrayal, etc. Anything that you had stored and hidden in your subconscious mind is ready to pop back up in your dreams, thoughts, or waking life. They need to be understood for what they are and be transformed.

If the energy of Scorpio that is brought to you by the Moon isn’t being received respectfully, you will be exposed to the shadow side of powerful Scorpio.

The Shadow of Scorpio
The shadow side of sensitive yet intense Scorpio restricts emotions until it rushes out and boils over like molten lava from a volcano.  The emotional breakdown may be so overpowering and surreal that you may think nothing else can be worst than the feeling or experience. There may be severely misused passion, obsessions over things of the past that can not be removed from your psyche, defensiveness, anger, power struggles, and the need for revenge and control.

However, there is a light that can be brought to this darkness. The light of awareness is your guide! Breathe deeply,  and know how to heal is to bring awareness to the feeling or situation at hand. That’s it! Don’t ignore it this time! Awareness will push you towards healing from the traumatic experience(s). Don’t try to suppress your feelings one more time, or blocking out the thoughts, for it will only backfire. Here are some points towards healing the emotional junk.

  • Step aside and be with yourself so that you can see the fabrics of your psyche clearly.
  • Bring awareness to the fabrics of your mind and accept what happened and bring orderliness to the chaos. Separate the helpful from the no longer serving.
  • Cook what is no longer serving you with the fire that is your passion and let it burn to purify your mind.
  •  Create from that space and keep an eye on the fire! Never neglect your passion.

Take use of this time because it is literally a blessing from up above that allows you the time and space to analyze your psychological depths and rise back up like a phoenix from the ashes!

That reminds me of  what my mom use to say to me when I was younger, “You make beauty from pain.”

See you on the other side.


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