Moon Transit in Libra

Libra is the sign of balance, open intellectual communication, integration of opposing views, ideologies, and transpersonal relations. The moon symbolizes your day-to-day thoughts and how you feel.  You can count on the energy of Libra to help you ponder on how can you relate to yourself and others and bring a sense of fulfillment.

The Moon in Libra may ask you where’s the middle ground of your situation, thoughts, and ideas? How can you understand yourself and or the other better and bring balance?

The power of integration can be challenging if you are new to this type of force so don’t be too hard on yourself! The esoteric ruler of Libra is Uranus, and it signifies unconventional ideas and rapid change. This is a challenging energy to work with but it is a blessing once you have a hold on it.

If the energy is currently slipping through your fingers, you may be stuck in the center of the rapid change and going back and forth between two extremes and most likely driving yourself insane.

The Shadow of Libra
If not mindful and super psychically sensitive, the energy of Libra that is flowing through the moon may subconsciously pull you from one extreme to the next. You may fumble between wearing two or more mask of an idea or person to have a better understanding of it (he or her) and may lose yourself in the process.

This is happening because the energy of Libra is trying to teach you the necessity of keeping middle ground and staying balanced, even when there is chaos everywhere around you and you can understand both sides of the story. There may be jealousy or possessiveness of an idea, partner, or friend in consequence of feeling imbalanced and being thrown to one extreme to the next and can create some friction and more chaos.

However, there is hope! If you take some time to be alone with yourself and realize that you are a part of the situation and you have the power to bring balance and peace to the chaos by being at peace with yourself,  you will bring the light to the shadow.

Peace and Blessings to you,

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