Moon Transit in Virgo

While the Moon is transiting in the sign of Virgo, you may have cyclic thoughts on how you can organize yourself so that you can express the truer you. Virgo is a sign of discernment, organization, sharing information and helping the unfortunate.

The Moon in this sign will ask you what thoughts do you have that are no longer serving you?  How can you be more accepting of your shortcomings and move forward towards the light? How can you be of service? Think deeply about these questions because the energy of Virgo is at everyone’s assistance at this time and is very aware of the little details that others may miss regularly. Discern between the good and bad eggs, either that be in the type of company that you keep, the food that you eat, the thoughts that no longer serve you that you keep, the way you exercise or lack thereof and be in service to yourself and others.

In traditional astrology, Virgo is ruled by Mercury. In esoteric astrology, Virgo is ruled by the Moon. Virgo’s ability to communicate gathered information stems from the ability to assimilate and digest the information correctly so that it is helpful to others, and the best way to make sure the information is digested well is to be connected to the Moon or emotions. This will be the case for anyone that desires to serve and be served. Understand why do you want to serve others and be mindful that you are doing the same for yourself.

The Shadow Side of Virgo

The shadow side of Virgo can take over if this healing energy is not used properly. The intelligent Maiden that Virgo signifies can turn into a nagging woman  (or man) if the situation that this energy is presenting is not perceived very clearly.

The Moon during this time can reflect back to you your shortcomings, how you need to lose or gain weight, how you didn’t complete that report for class and you should have, or how you still are not healthy and your environment and the people in it are dumb and have no clue what they are doing.

If the shadow of Virgo is overpowering, be mindful that the energy that is flowing through the Moon is trying to reach you in the best way that is accessible to you, and the best way to tone it down is to take a deep breath and recognize and accept where you are physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally then move forward with new inspiration to  bring a greater reality to you. You are powerful and capable of anything!

Also! Keep in mind that it take 21 days to break a bad habit so be patient with yourself and acknowledge that you must be gentle with your wounds.

Blessings and Love to you,


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