Why isn’t our economic system replicating the nutrient cycle within the soil!?!?!?!

Soil bacteria and fungi are the small bags of fertilizers within the soil. The protozoa and nematodes come along, eats and digest the bacteria or fungi, and excretes the excess of carbon and other nutrients as waste that isn’t needed for them to survive.

So back to my title… Why are we not replicating this perfect system? Because not only does the nematodes and protozoa benefit from the fundamental organisms within the soil, but also the plants that need extra nutrients benefits too! Which in all brings a complete circle for all to survive and benefit.

If we as a human species learn how to only take what is needed in every aspect of our lives then we wouldn’t have these issues of food scarcity, economic failure, water pollution, etc.

Let’s return to the soil and learn their ways!

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