Moon Transit in Cancer

Moon Transit in Cancer.
What does that mean?
Cancer is a secretive water sign that signifies the state of your heart or home and the Moon is the planet that signifies your emotions, mind, your mother figure, and how you desire to be nurtured and safe.
The Moon in the sign of the home or heart is in a place that is very emotionally intuitive and gravitates towards what is of value to the heart. Your mind can be thinking about your family and your loyalty to them (or not), culture, home matters, a mother figure or concepts of these things. It’s an auspicious time to think about how you can center yourself around the things you value and love and build your life around it. The moon in this sign intuitively asks, “How can you be whole unto yourself and create a surrounding that emanates You (Your Higher Self) and your desires?” Contemplate on what makes you feel good and at service to yourself and others and BE that. This will help you build a foundation that is solid and will help others see how it can be done.

Blessings and Happy Transformation!

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